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David Mendelson

Executive Vice President | EmCare


With a wealth of experience and accolades in the health care industry, David Mendelson is the executive vice president at EmCare, Inc., one of the nation’s premier providers of physician services for emergency departments, inpatient physician services, inpatient radiology management programs, and anesthesiology services. Dr. Mendelson is responsible for overseeing 25 practices in emergency medicine, anesthesia, inpatient services, and pediatrics. He also handles strategic planning and new business development and bids on contracts. In addition to these duties Dr. Mendelson sees patients in an emergency setting two days per week.

Dr. Mendelson earned a master’s degree in biology research from Portland State University before going on to complete his MD at Oregon Health Science University. He completed both his internship and residency at Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, before going to complete his fellowship in administration. Dr. Mendelson is board certified in emergency medicine by ABEM, and is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He is also a member of AMA, the Texas Medical Association, and the Texas College of Emergency Physicians.

When Dr. Mendelson is away from the hospital he enjoys cooking, outdoor sports, and spending time with his children.

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